Chapter Advisor


I can remember the day that I was contacted from the Office of Student Life with the announcement that Mr. Nicholas Frankel, a student at Oakton Community College was interested in forming a Campus Chapter. It was during the summer of 2010 when I assisted Nicholas with the charter and application for the Chapter. If you look at the page titled “Past Events” you will see that we have been a very active chapter. I look forward to our continued service to others.

Habitat for Humanity offers us an amazing opportunity to partner with families in need of affordable housing. Working with these partner families has been an awe inspiring experience.

“Build’s” typically involve travel, lodging and some expense. They offer invaluable diverse cultural experiences. Our builds are scheduled during semester breaks and require advanced planning and commitment. The students who decide to participate make personal sacrifices. I am always moved when I hear students thank the affiliate for the opportunity that Habitat for Humanity has provided them.

I am looking forward to the challenges and excitement that this year will offer. As you continue on your path in life, I am hopeful that you will find happiness in the journey.

In partnership,
Marvin Bornschlegl
Oakton Community College
Habitat for Humanity
Campus Chapter Advisor

Planning and Organization
Jonathan Powell

Outreach and Recruitment
Nicole Fujiwara

Fundraising and Finances
Benjamin Kornstein

Communication and Information
Mariusz Czech

Engineering Student
Project Lead
Donovan Duffy

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