This is the web-page for the Oakton Community College Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter. Our chapter started in 2010 by student and founding President Nicholas Frankel. We have organized and participated in several service events over the past years and look forward to continued work.

We are in need of some volunteers!

Campus Chapters are linked to a Habitat for Humanity affiliate who provides us with guidance and opportunities. Our affiliate is Habitat for Humanity of Lake County and their web-page is: http://www.habitatlc.org/

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization that partners with families to improve affordable housing. http://www.habitat.org/ As a Campus Chapter we are asked to provide four functions.

We are always looking for individuals to join our team and help us in our efforts. Our chapter is extremely active; we have regular meetings and participate in several events. You are welcome to participate at the level of commitment you are comfortable providing.

We have a list of proposed events for the school year. Please view that page for exciting opportunities.

Summer and Fall plans are under construction. Please join us.

Oakton Community College
Habitat for Humanity
Campus Chapter Team

Planning and Organization
Jonathan Powell

Outreach and Recruitment
Nicole Fujiwara

Fundraising and Finances
Benjamin Kornstein


Communication and Information
Mariusz Czech

Engineering Student
Project Lead
Donovan Duffy

Plan now for spring break!